6 Totally Secret Secrets To Defeating Deadpool

Deadpool, much like any superhero or villain, has his strengths and weaknesses. Strengths being regenerative health, general badassery, and being a master of sass-talk who loves to kill things. Weaknesses being beautiful woman, money, and chimichangas. But how do you take down a self-healing anti hero┬áthat is immortal and actually WANTS to die but can’t? […]

The Story of All New, All Different Deadpool

With the Deadpool movie about to drop and blow everyone’s minds, we thought it might be a nice time to have Comicstorian catch you up on the all new, all different Deadpool. What is the all new, all different Deadpool? Well,┬áHe’s doesn’t look like chewed hamburger with his mask off for one, and two, WAIT! […]

Night of the Living Deadpool – Complete Story

With the Deadpool trailer blowing up and everyone suddenly wanting a piece of the ‘merc with a mouth”, thought it might be a nice opportunity to give ya’ll geeks some more of Deadpoool’s more interesting stories so you can get a better feel for the character before he becomes the greatest comic book movie ever. […]