Batman V Superman: 10 Completely CGI Moments You Didn’t Notice

Here’s the fine print about good CGI that no one ever says: When the CGI in a movie is done well, you cannot even tell it is CGI. Although I did not love Dawn of Justice, this video shows you how well CGI was implemented and used throughout that film, to the point where some […]

Everything Wrong With Fantastic Flaw, Um, I Mean Fantastic Four

Here, let’s dissect the biggest disappointment in comic book movies since Spiderman 3. The most recent Fantastic Four. A true trainwreck of a movie. CinamaSins

Skyrim: How To Get 100% Damage Resistant Armor [Comic]

Well, the kids ARE invincible in Skyrim. This makes way more sense than it should. Wish I could see a follow-up comic to just how bloody this all played out. [Source: jonx0r-draws on DeviantArt]

Fallout Shelter: Love Is Blind

They say love is blind, but in Fallout Shelter it TRULY is. Or maybe she just finds nuclear green eyes quite sexy? (Imgur)

‘Peanuts’ Tie-In Movie Game Looks Fun!

With the news of the new Peanuts movie comes the follow-up news of a tie-in video game. When I first heard it, I was pretty shocked. I will admit, I never thought I would get a Peanuts game where I would be playing as Charlie Brown or Snoopy. But in all honestly, this game looks […]

New Dinosaur Discovered, Nicknamed Hellboy After Comic

So a new dinosaur has been discovered, and has been given a rather colorful nickname due to its horn placement: The newly identified Regaliceratops peterhewsi has been informally named after Mike Mignola’s perpetually grumpy paranormal investigator (Hellboy,) owing to the presence of a pair of prominent horns just above its eyes. All I am saying here is […]

The Super League Strikes Again (Comic)

I have to admit, the Super League are not that super at picking members. (By PerryBibleFellowship)

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gladiator Style (Comic)

I always wondered how that kind of stand-off would end…. [Source: The Perry Bible Fellowship]

The Adventures of Superhero Girl [Comic]

I like her style. Simple and to the point. You can’t just jump into full superhero right away. Got to take baby steps at first. And remember kids, the littlest things are still heroic and can make a difference in someone else’s life. Be sure to check out the rest of the Superhero Girl comic […]

The Joys of Internet Dating (Comic)

Internet dating can be a weird ritual, but one we need to get used to as it is a viable option this day and age. And based on this comic, sometimes people DO find their perfect matches! Editor’s note: What about you guys? Have you met YOUR perfect match online? I know there’s actually a […]

The Jeanie [Comic]

  Here is the thing with genies. You can’t trust them because they always get you on the fine print. Also, when they are made out of denim, it makes their motives even more questionable. Damn Jeanies. [By MyCardboardLife]

There’s a Ghost! [Comic]

Man, that janitor is pretty devious. Leave it to the PerryBibleFellowship to come up with something so simple, yet so brilliant.