Why Learning How To Play ‘Settlers of Catan’ Can Be Horrifying

The tabletop game Settlers of Catan can be great fun once you get the ebb and flow of the game, but for newcomers, it can be a bit……daunting. Like, ‘losing faith in humanity’ daunting. [Via FunnyOrDie]

10 New Tweets Inducted into the Twitter Hall of Fame [Comics]

Here are some of the latest and greatest cartoons from our friends over at Twaggies.com. We like to think of the tweets they illustrate as inductees into the Twitter Hall of Fame, preserving them for posterity. Make sure you follow Twaggies on Twitter and Facebook (and Instagram @twaggies) to get your daily Twags!

How to prioritize your inbox with Hongbing

Office Rat-A-Tat, starring Hongbing, is back! Here’s episode no. 2. Oh, and episode no. 1, if you missed it, is right below.

First Life, Second Life, Third Life, more

My comedy and geek sides have been meshing a bit more lately. About a month ago, I popped into Second Life again, after trying it a couple of times a year or so ago and giving up on it. At the time I first signed up, the interface was very primitive, and truth be told, I was never able to quite “see the point” of the game …