Hey Retro Geeks! You Know Toonami is Back, Right?

I grew up with Toonami skits between my favorite cartoons as many of you did as well, right? But did you know Adult Swim brought Toonami back? NO? Well, they did and here are all the episodes so far (above.) Please note the likeness to the sandworms from Dune in episode 2 of the third […]


The Child in Me is Giddy: Muppet Babies Return in 2018

I am sorry, but Muppet babies was a pretty fantastic offshoot of the Muppet show we all knew and loved. It was animated, we saw the Muppets as youth, and it had the same charm and dynamic of the show, albeit for a younger audience. Well, if you grew up on this cartoon like I […]

Is This A Screenshot Of A New ‘Transformers’ Game? We Hope!

So over at Kotaku today, they posted the above photo, saying it is rumored to be a screen cap from an upcoming Transformers game (based on the cartoons and not the awful movies). With the flames of E3 just starting to burn, we can only pray this proves to be true and not some screenshot […]

Top 10 Criminally Underrated Animated Shows

All I need to say is Clone High. Seeing Clone High on this list filled my soul with joy. Also, Rocko’s Modern Life. If you grew up in the 90’s, you owe it to yourself to see this list of underrated animated shows. Nice to see Space Ghost get some love, too. (Via WatchMojo)

10 Essential Animated Movies That Are Absolutely Not for Kids

The wonderful thing about the medium of animation is, even though it caters to kids visually, animated movies can be aimed at adults and children. Not all animated films feature cute, fuzzy animals getting into hilarious hi-jinx. Some feature them being ripped apart and raging war against one another, like Watership Down. Something I touched […]

Why You Need IDW’s New ‘Samurai Jack’ Comic Book in Your Life

Samurai Jack was one of the greatest cartoons ever made. This is not a question or a discussion. This is a solid fact. From the animation style to the brilliant, time-spanning story line, nothing about the show wasn’t exceptional. That fact alone should be enough to sell you on the new IDW Samurai Jack comic […]

Grammar Nazi’s Rock? [from @Twaggies]

Twaggies is now animating your tweets. Today’s theme is grammar nazis, for all you smart folks who hate when people make ridiculous grammar mistakes. Twaggies.com takes tweets and turns them into cartoons, which they’ve been doing since 2009. Follow @twaggies on Twitter and (shhh) Instagram.

Twaggies Take on the End of The World

Twaggies.com takes tweets and turns them into cartoons, which they’ve been doing since 2009. We thought this one was particularly appropriate for today. Follow @twaggies on Twitter and (shhh) Instagram.