The Child in Me is Giddy: Muppet Babies Return in 2018


I am sorry, but Muppet babies was a pretty fantastic offshoot of the Muppet show we all knew and loved. It was animated, we saw the Muppets as youth, and it had the same charm and dynamic of the show, albeit for a younger audience. Well, if you grew up on this cartoon like I did you should be pretty stoked. Looks like Muppet Babies will be coming back to the air in all new episodes (I don’t dare call it a reboot) in 2018.

Though it is more likely to be CG than animated like the old show was, if it retains half of the original’s charm, I am all on board, which is odd considering I am a grown man.

What can I say? I love me some Muppets, and I feel no shame for that.

(image, story i09)

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