‘Borderlands’ Cell Shaded Jeans in Real Life

The visual style of the game Borderlands is unforgettable. From the cell shading to the wild, stylish color, the game just pops out at you. But have you ever wondered what a pair of pants from Borderlands would look like in real life? Artist Cl√©montine¬†decided to make a pair in real life for her Etsy […]

Telltale Games and Gearbox Software Team Up for New Borderlands Game #SXSW

When two of the video game industry’s most lauded companies embark on a journey together, you know something special is going to happen. Telltale Games, in conjugation with Gearbox Software, has a present for Borderlands fans later this year, and it looks better than any diamond pony. Tales From the Borderlands is going to be […]