5 Games That Scream Freedom and Punch Evil in the Face (or Something)

I just saw the title of this video and knew I needed to share it with the Sexy Geeks, so here you go. It is all “Amuricaaaaaaaa” and stuff, so it fits in with the theme of freedom and July 4th weekend or something. Editor’s note: I was supposed to publish this on the fourth […]

Agloe: Fake Places That Only Exist to Catch Copycat Mapmakers

Have you ever been to Agloe, New York? You might not have, considering it was made up to throw fake map makers off. Thing is, the (fake) place has taken on a life of its own, and is just one of many examples of such creations implemented to complicate the work of evil-doers. Take Argleton, […]

Top 10 Movie Car Crashes

Car crashes suck, unless they are from movies and not real, at which point they are totally awesome. Here are some of the best car crashes from movies. If your computer seat has a belt buckle, we suggest buckling up before watching this. Just kidding. That’s a stupid and pointless idea. Unless you are wearing […]

Batmanga: Japan’s 1960’s Batman Finally Gets American Release

Batmanga was the Japanese version of Batman who was created in the 1960’s by manga artist┬áJiro Kuwata. Obviously, for international reasons, the comics seemed destined to never reach this shore. UNTIL NOW that is! Check out Batmanga and prepare to have your mind blown. Though there are some slight differences in art style and storytelling, […]