Not So Sonic Now: 6 Games That Didn’t Survive the Jump to 3D

Something funny happened when video games went from 2D to 3D. A lot of otherwise great games could not make the transition. While some platformers like Mario 64 shined when it came to 3D, polygonal platforming, the same cannot be said about the following games, which had a much harder time with the transition. Poor […]

The Exceptional Beauty of Doom 3’s Source Code

Doom 3 was not only great fun to play, but for the time, was an absolute marvel to look at. Truth is, the Xbox version still holds up visually to some of the better games from the last generation. This is coming solely from a video game player. But Kotaku had a developer come in […]

Star Wars Going 3D, Starting With Episode I

Just when you thought Jar-Jar Binks couldn’t possibly be any more annoying: Lucasfilm has announced that the Star Wars films are going 3D. Yes, the latest Hollywood trend seems to have infected the folks over at Lucasfilm, and why not? Seems as if there’s been plenty of movies in the last two years that have […]