FREAKING MAMMOTHS: ‘Far Cry Primal’ Trailer

As a HUGE fan of this series, this news just came out of nowhere and floored me. So I guess the new Far Cry is going to take place WAY back (as speculated). I wont lie or sell it short, this has me drooling, and is expected to drop on the new consoles sometime early […]

Epic Steam Punk Star Wars [Pics]

Graphic artist Bjorn Hurri has given us some amazing renditions of our favorite Star Wars characters with a full Steam Punk conversion. Copper Plating, gears, steam stacks and leather give our space heroes an antiquated feel that is simply amazing. We featured some of his work back in 2011, but he has completed his series […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Save BIG on these Halloween Costumes for Men, Women, Kids and Babies!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, here are some GREAT deals on a large selection of costumes for men, women, and kids of all ages! For Men –50% or More Off Men’s Superhero & Sci-Fi Costumes –50% or More Off Men’s Scary Costumes –50% or More Off Men’s Humorous Costumes For Women –50% […]

5 OMG WTF Moments from the Metal Gear Series (No ‘Phantom Pain’ Spoilers)

Of all the video games series in existence, few have packed in as many WTF moments as the Metal Gear franchise. Breaking so many narrative norms and gameplay tropes, it is the kind of game series where even if you think you know what’s coming next, you don’t. That is also where the draw lies […]

What It Looks Like When You Are A Baby in ‘Fallout 3’

We all just assumed from the first person perspective we were looking through in the first parts of Fallout 3 that we were looking through the eyes of an infant in the beginning of that game. Nope. You were looking through the eyes of a tiny, life sized man who clearly crawled up from the gates of […]

Free eBook: Maximize Your Memory (A $14.99 Value!)

Today, we’ve got another free eBook for you guys: Maximize Your Memory (A $14.99 value, available for a limited time!) Learn how to read faster and retain more, never forget names or number and improve your score on tests. Each of us has the ability to develop and improve our minds in amazing ways. All […]

Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video Series – Endurance

Yay, another Fallout special video, this time focusing on endurance! I kind of wish these were longer, as they are awesome enough to be their own show or collected short film. (BethesdaSoftworksUK)

8 Minutes of Gameplay From PS4 ‘Attack on Titan’ Game

Attack on Titan is not a story that seems to transfer well. From the QTE based 3DS game, to the crappy movie and crappier TV mini-series, even though it seems perfect, when it gets made into other forms, it never works as well as the spectacular anime. Well, get ready to have your jaw drop […]