Nearly A Million Facebook Users ‘Come Out’ In A Year

Facebook reports 800,000 Americans “came out” on the site in the past year. The actual numbers may be affected by Facebook’s chosen definition, but there’s clearly a social trend this year. The number covers both sexuality and gender. The Facebook research team put together the figures by compiling the number of people each day who […]

Here’s The ‘Battlefront’ Fine Print Everyone Was Worried About…

This should be surprising to exactly no one. (imgur)

Free eBook: Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents, Second Edition (A $14.99 Value)

For today’s free ebook, get Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents (Second Edition), a value of $14.99, for FREE! Turn your Raspberry Pi into your very own secret agent toolbox with this set of exciting projects. This book is for all the mischievous Raspberry Pi owners who would like to see their computer transformed into a […]

New York Comic Con 2015: A Cosplay Music Video by Sneaky Zebra

Our pals from Sneaky Zebra are back with a new cosplay music video, and this time, they’re covering the New York edition of the con! I’ll also include the one from Aggressive Comix below for you guys to check out! [Sneaky Zebra | Aggressive Comix]

What Links Voyager To The D20?

You can do a lot with a D20, pencil and paper. Including, it turns out, designing a code that helps bring pictures from space. That was one of the (admittedly unstated) conclusions from a talk by Dr Julia Wolf at the University of Bristol this week to mark Ada Lovelace Day. She describes her work […]

New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2015 Cosplay in Pictures – Saturday [Gallery]

Yesterday was the biggest day at New York Comic Con 2015, and unfortunately, our last. Here are our final pictures of the con for your viewing pleasure! Many thanks to Rich from Aggressive Comix for covering the event for us! Please note that if you’ve missed our photos from Friday, be sure to check ’em […]

New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2015 Cosplay in Pictures – Friday [Gallery]

Another year, another awesome edition of New York Comic Con! Thanks to my pal Rich from Aggressive Comix, we’re on location once again this year to cover the event for you guys. Be sure to check out all our photos in the picture gallery below. Oh, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our […]

FREAKING MAMMOTHS: ‘Far Cry Primal’ Trailer

As a HUGE fan of this series, this news just came out of nowhere and floored me. So I guess the new Far Cry is going to take place WAY back (as speculated). I wont lie or sell it short, this has me drooling, and is expected to drop on the new consoles sometime early […]