Crazy Party Huh? [Comic]

[Source: Virtual Shackles]

Learning the Human Tongue [Comic]

[Read more from this artist: The Rut]

Worship Me [Comic]

[GAS] reader and friend Holly Golightly, who also happens to be an awesome cartoonist, sent me this funny cartoon strip featuring her, her cat, and the really cool shirt she recently got from us. Check it out! [Schoolbites]

Dorkly Comic – Gaming: Then and Now

By Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly. Oh the truth, how it hurts! [Source: Dorkly | Via MUO]

Han Danced First [Comic]

Be sure to read this strip with this song in mind. From one of my favorite webcomics: Virtual Shackles Related: Kinect Star Wars Will Destroy Your Childhood Memories.

Shopping: Then and Now [Comic]

I plugged in this lamp and my dog went rigid, spoke a sentence of perfect Akkadian, and then was hurled sideways through the picture window. Even worse, it’s one of those lamps where the switch is on the cord. [Source: XKCD]

Showing You Care: The Traditional Way vs. The Gamer Way

Yep, been there, done that. [Via Dueling Analogs]