Indiana Jones and the Last… Captcha? [Comic]

Great, now I have to change my keyboard to use the Greek alphabet. Sigh. [Source: Formal Sweatpants | Via NA] Advertisements


Regret and Repeat [Comic]

[Source: Brian –]

So True: Old Technology Is Adorable [Comic]

[Source: Brian @ Shoeboxblog]

“The Sickest Gift” [Comic]

Pretty much. (amirite, Ladies?) [Source: Poorly Drawn Lines]

Those Who Fail to…

[Source: Cyanide & Hapiness]

The Internet Summed Up [Comic]

[Via MUO | Source: Cyanide and Hapiness]

Samus Aran, Fake Girl Bounty Hunter [Comic]

A double-standard comic, courtesy of two dudes. And Metroid. [Via Dorkly]

Oculus Rift VR Headset Side Effect Loop [Comic]

In my case, this particular side effect would probably not only be a possibility, but more likely a certainty. [Source: Virtual Shackles]