Radical TMNT 1990 Stop Motion Trailer Tribute 🍕 [Video]

COWABUNGA! To celebrate the 30th anniversary for the 1990 TMNT film, stop motion team Reckless Abandonment recreated the 1990 nostalgic trailer frame by frame with NECA action figures!

With over 3,500 individual pictures, Kyle Roberts and crew wanted to recreate the nostalgic films trailer in stop motion. The Reckless Abandonment team illustrated over 60 hand-drawn images to establish a colorful backdrop to complement Roberts’ use of action figures. As massive Turtle fans, we wanted to recreate as much as possible from scratch dudes! Even the iconic original TMNT score was reconstructed by composer Nikolas Thompson. The figures were provided by NECA toy company. Each individual piece could stand alone by itself, but when fused together they create a TOTALLY TUBULAR TRIBUTE for the 30th anniversary of the film!

For those who want to watch the side-by-side with the original 1990 trailer, here it is:

[Reckless Abandonment]

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