Iron Man Arc Reactor Marriage Proposal Device [Video]

From Youtuber Eddit Zarick: What better way to propose to a girl who loves Iron Man and comics. She always calls me Tony Stark for all of the projects I have going, So I figure I should make a Tony Stark Heart with a ring that comes out from the inside! [Eddie Zarick] Advertisements


Facebook Is Watching [Comic]

Do you want to talk about it? :) [Source: Endless Origami]

Mario Warfare Episode #2 [Video]

A new episode of Mario Warfare is out! If you haven’t watched episode #1 yet, you can do so right here. [beatdownboogie]

Futurama Knit Hats [Picture]

These knit hats are perfect headwear for watching Futurama, doing deliveries for Planet Express, or wearing around your favorite convention. Warm and cozy, they have a plush top section featuring the bulging eyeballs of Bender or Nibbler. Ear flaps come down the side of your face to keep your hearing holes nice and toasty warm […]

The Planet Of The Apes Twist Ending [Pic]

[Source: Ken Levine | Via Blastr]

How to Avoid Being Branded a Convention Creeper [Video]

This educational video is brought to you by Ardella, Eve and Kitty. Please keep in mind that this is meant to be a fun, humorous poke at convention “creeper” stereotypes and was not intended to offend. Thanks Gabriella! :)

The HyTAQ Robot (Hybrid Terrestrial and Aerial Quadrotor) [Video]

The HyTAQ robot has been developed in the Robotics Lab at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), part of the Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering Department. It is a novel mobile robot capable of both aerial and terrestrial locomotion. Flight is achieved through a quadrotor configuration; four actuators provide the required thrust. Adding a rolling cage […]