Chell (Portal) Dog Halloween Costume [Pic]

Geeks are Sexy reader E. Foley (@geeksdreamgirl) just sent me a picture of her Cocker Spaniel wearing a Chell costume she made herself. Now how adorable is that? Commercial dog costumes are woefully lacking in orange pants, so I had to snag a pattern, buy a sewing machine, and sew the pants myself. The top […]


Cleveland Orchestra’s String Section Suits Up in Avengers

The Cleavland Orchestra dressed up for their annual Halloween Spooktacular show, and it looks like some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes dropped in to play strings.  Too bad there is no Agent Coulson wooing a cellist. You can check out more of these talented musicians in costumes right over here. [Via the Cleveland Orchestra Facebook Page]

Borderlands 2 bug makes death permanent

Borderlands 2 developer Gearbox has warned Xbox users to steer clear of public games for the moment. It’s a response to a bizarre virus-like bug that dying in the game really does kill off a character. The problem comes about from a hidden feature in the game, dubbed “badass” mode from the setting “IsBadassModeSaveGame”, that […]

OMG SHOCKING: George Lucas Kills Star Wars [Video]

This shocking VHS footage was discovered inside the case of a clamshell copy of The Little Mermaid purchased from a Goodwill in Gary, Indiana. It seems to depict a person who may or may not be George Lucas traveling around the world and destroying as many VHS copies of the original Star Wars trilogy as […]

Five Sexy Costumes for Geek Dudes (Please Don’t Try At Home)

With the huge proliferation of sexy girl outfits–and some that just sort of make you scratch your head with how far they stretch the imagination–I thought it might be time to list some sexy dude outfits for this Halloween season. I mean, sure. I believe that geeks are sexy. I do write for that eponymous […]

The Zombie Apocalypse vs. Pretending Not to be Home on Halloween [Comic]

[Source: Brian @]

Top 10 Epic Ways To Smash A Pumpkin (in Slow-Motion) [Video]

In honor of Halloween Thrash Lab went pumpkin shopping and instead of carving pumpkins we decided to smash them. Shot in slow-motion on the Phantom Miro M320S High-Speed Digital Camera. [Via LS]

Your Argument is Invalid: Krang Carved From a Watermelon, Set Into a Pumpkin [Pic]

Artist Mike V. carved a pumpkin. Then he carved Krang from a WATERMELON. Not the rind, but the actual melon-y bits. [Via Geekologie]