Ladies, this one is for you: The Firefly Serenity Dress

[$35 @ | Via]

PSN hacking fallout continues

On the downside, 2.2 million credit card numbers may (repeat may) be in the hands of hackers after the Sony PSN data breach. On the upside, everyone’s trophies are fine. There have been several updates since our last report on the Sony breach. The company says that all credit card numbers stored on its servers […]

Super Mario Bros: Real Life Edition

Hmmm, I don’t want to question this dude’s sanity, but those mushrooms he ate at the entrance of the park are certainly not 1-Up mushrooms! [Via Nerd Bastards]

Building Super Hard Drives with Depleted Uranium

Researchers from the University of Nottingham have come up with an idea which would allow to build “super” hard drives using a uranium compound. Check it out: [Via [H]]

Dark Matters Illustrated [Video]

Recently, Jorge Cham from sat down with Physicists Daniel Whiteson and Jonathan Feng to talk about Dark Matter and how Cern’s collider is helping answer the question: What is it? Check out the cool video he then created to go along with the recording. [Phdcomics]

Meekakitty’s Bacon Song Sizzles!

You guys love bacon, right? And you love Meekakitty, right? Well here’s a two-for-one then!

Data is White and Nerdy

Yep, I’m pretty sure that when Weird Al composed “White and Nerdy,” he had Data from Star Trek: TNG in mind from the very beginning. [Via Neatorama]

Hilarious Deadpool Cosplay [Picture]

Check out those pretty awesome (and hilarious!) Deadpool cosplay pictures shot at Comic Con Atlanta by Flickr user IcyBrian: [Source: IcyBrian – Flickr]

Orc Army T-Shirt

We want you for Orc Army! Join the second battalion today! Zug Zug! [Get it @ – 10% off with promo code “geeksaresexy”]

Cheap New Sensor Diagnoses Infection by Smell

And in even more medical sensor news, researchers at the University of Illinois have developed a low-cost method of detecting bacterial infection using an artificial nose. To sniff out the particular strain of bacterium, a broad-sensitivity array is attached to the underside of a Petri dish lid and a sample of the patient’s blood is […]

Seized File Sharing Websites Now Displaying Anti-Piracy PSA

Know all these file sharing websites that were closed down by the U.S. authorities in recent months? Well visitors to many of these domain names are now being redirected to this anti-piracy video, which shows how downloading copyrighted material can lead to financial ruin for many workers of the entertainment industry.