Geeky Politics: Signs from the Rally to Restore Sanity

Even if you weren’t in Washington DC for the massive Rally to Restore Sanity, you too can experience the overwhelming sanity by having a look at some of the signs touted by reasonable yet impassioned attendees. As it turns out, there was a fairly high geek demographic, so here are a few of our favorites. […]


Awesome Halloween Math Lecture V. 2.0

We’ve featured Professor Matthew Weathers’ Math Lectures many times in the past (here and here); this year, once again, he has organized a little something special for his class in honor of Halloween. Check it out:

Amazing Halloween Light Show [Video]

So, you put a lot of efforts decorating your house for Halloween and think you have the best setup ever? Well I’m sorry to dissapoint you my friend, but I’m pretty sure your home looks nowhere near as awesome as this one. Behold:

Halloween Candy [Graph]

So geeks, who’s guilty among you guys? I know I am! Though the ratio of candy I’ll hand out / candy I ate (because I already ate them… shame on me!) is probably more around 75/25. I’ve been digging at those stupid bags of halloween treats for the past month. Now all that’s left for […]

Best Halloween Kid Costume Ever: My Lil’ Jawa [Video]

Now that is one of the best lil’ jawa costume I’ve ever seen! On a related note, if you’re still wondering what you’ll disguise yourself as tomorrow, here are a few ideas: Ten Geeky Last-Minute Halloween Costumes 10 Obscure, DIY Geeky Costumes for Halloween

3D Music Clip: Kill Your Co-Workers (With Kindness)

A somewhat disturbing 3D music video for Flying Lotus’s newest song, Kill Your Co-Workers. Enjoy! [Via Vimeo]