I’m a PC and I’m 4 ½

What can I say, this one was so darn cute I had to post it. I really think Microsoft has a winner on their hands here. I’m not saying that it makes Windows the better platform, but from a marketing point of view, I think this is way better than anything Apple has ever come up with. Hmmmm, I have to admit, I’m probably just a little biased here… anything related to cute kids usually do that to parents.

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  1. From a non-biased perspective, it's no good at all, just another "hey look I can finally perform easily something that was difficult 8 years ago".

  2. It's so so. You don't *actually* see her performing all of the steps on her own. I'm *sure* that there was a lot of help attaching the file to the e-mail, and getting the pictures to automatically transfer, etc.

    *Maybe* this would be believable if it was Picasa.

  3. That was too easy, kids can learn to do anything pretty quickly.

    Make an ad or her grandmother trying to do the same thing.

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