Robot Can Sketch Or Paint


Last year a successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign turned the idea of a robot painter into reality. Now WaterColorBot 2.0 is available. When hooked up to a computer it can recreate any vector artwork file as a pencil or pen drawing or in watercolors. At $295 it’s quite pricey for what’s something of a novelty product, though […]

Laser-Firing Watch Is No Toy


A laser enthusiast has produced a watch that can fire 1,500 milliwatt beam capable of lighting matches and burning through plastic. Patrick Priebe, who has previously made a range of more traditional weapon housings with lasers, took around 40 hours to produce the watch. Pocket Lint reports that it can fire the laser for a […]

When Moleskine Meets Photoshop


If you can’t choose between high-technology and hipster credentials, a new “smart” Moleskine notebook might be the answer. The $33 notebook includes access to a smartphone app, though you’ll also need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Once you’ve sketched a design in the notebook, you can take a photo with the app and it will […]

LED Lamp is Accurate Moon


This LED lamp, designed by Japanese company Nosigner, is “a topographically-accurate LED light that was created based on data retrieved from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya.” It’s said to be inspired by the appearance of a supermoon (the combination of a full moon and the moon being at its closest point to Earth) shortly […]