SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Fox Cancels Sci-Fi Drama ‘Almost Human’ After 1 Season



Clearly, I’m in the minority of folks who watched Almost Human on Fox, because the network has announced that there will be no second season.

The “buddy cop” show starred Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as “a human and lifelike robot partnered together as detectives in the year 2048,” according to Cinema Blend.

Was the show perfect? No, but it showed promise, and the chemistry between Urban and Ealy was refreshing and yes, adorable. But — like Firefly — Fox aired the show’s 13 episodes completely out of order which possibly aided in its demise.

According to Geek Tyrant:

Fox followed Almost Human‘s pilot with Episodes 5-8, then aired Episode 3, then jumped to Episode 10, then finally got around to airing the intended second episode of the series. They closed out the series with episodes 4, 11, 12 and 13.

Even though each episode technically, sort of “stood alone,” there was a larger subplot that ran through many of them, so it’s no surprise the show had even more trouble gaining traction if the episodes jumped around so severely. (Now, I’ll have to go back and re-watch them IN ORDER, as the show creators intended!)

But as my friend Adam put it, no second season may have its bright side: Maybe now Urban will be free to do a Dredd sequel.

22 Responses to SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Fox Cancels Sci-Fi Drama ‘Almost Human’ After 1 Season

  1. *sigh* Well, gee, on the bright side, now there’s more room in FOX’s schedule for shows like the highly anticipated “Dancing in the Kitchen with the Stars.” :/

  2. Firefly and Almost human were cancelled because of low ratings and lack of interest from the general viewing public. Don’t blame Fox for playing the episodes ‘out of order’. If the writing was a better, or it appealed more to a wider audience, then both shows would have survived. If anything we should be grateful that a network like Fox was willing to put either of them on the air. (Personally, I would have liked to see Almost Human renewed but Firefly deserved to be cancelled).

    • When you air something out of order which Fox did on both cases you screw up the story. If you watch Firefly out of order it’s a complete disconnected mess because while they may be on different planets, Firefly -DOES- have a continuity in the story that requires the episodes to be played in the appropriate order. Almost Human there is an over arching plot to the series which means that while the episodes can be aired out of order the over all theme of the show will be disconnected and it’ll seem like a random element which can discourage people. Even a brilliant writer will look like a horrible hack when you chop up his work then read it out of order, so yes. Fox does bare a portion (if not a great deal) of the blame for Almost Human and Firefly being canceled because of their arbitrary episode swapping.

      The disjointed nature of the show more then likely put off many viewers (That’s what caused most viewers to turn off Firefly from what I’ve seen). To say Fox had no blame in it is false. They ran the show out of order They have showed on numerous occasions that they should not be doing anything that have a threaded plot because they arbitrarily flip episodes around and ruin those shows.

  3. It was a cop show. People are sick of cop shows. We have cop shows (Law & Order, Blue Bloods), cop shows with military people (NCIS, Hawaii Five-O), cop shows with forensics teams (CSI), cop shows with murder fiction writers (Castle), cop shows with super intelligent people (Mentalist, Elementary), and cop shows with robotic people or some other mechanical advantage (Almost Human, Person of Interest). There are probably more that I can’t even remember right now.

    Can we have something, anything, other than cop shows please!

  4. So they managed to screw up another one by showing things out of order, no wonder it seemed kind of disjointed. The final few episodes though it started to gel, I had kinda hoped they’d take a chance on a season 2. Ah well.

  5. Geez …Cancel Firefly, Cancel Dead Like Me, Cancel Almost Human…..But We’ll do more Shit like Days of our Doldrums or Bold and the Pitiful….or reboot crap like Dallas

  6. It just shows that Fox has no idea whats good and whats not. Guess that will give me more time to watch HBO and ABC.

  7. I for one loved this show. I loved Urban and Ealy, the on-screen chemistry between the two, and the subject matter (Sci-fi can almost do NO wrong with me). No it wasn’t perfect, and yes it do go after a niche audience, but for the life of me it’s baffling how shows like this can get canceled and yet other silly shows get approved season after season. Sad

  8. From the first episode I knew this wasn’t going to last, especially since I like it. Human Target was another one I was just waiting to hear was canceled and trying to prepare myself for the disappointment. What I don’t understand because I don’t know how TV works, why doesn’t Syfy pick these shows up?

  9. I’ve read reports that the ratings weren’t too bad but fell short of what was required to warrant the expensive production of the show. The margin was too low.

  10. I liked it, but it was a little too procedural. If they kept people watching with a must-see hook and an overarching serial story, it would’ve done better. Episodic sci-fi rarely catches on, serial sci-fi usually does, and even then only sometimes.

  11. Everyone compares this to firefly and says that’s the starting point for FOX screwing up good sci fi shows. It isn’t. Space: Above and Beyond was the first one they completely screwed up, and it was actually BETTER than Firefly.

    So now, with this cancelled in favor of the AWFUL The Following, I’m ticked. we don’t find out about Old Detroit, why the creator of the androids wanted the artificial souls, etc. etc.


  12. Any chances this get picked up elsewhere? I really enjoyed this show and it felt it just started to scratch the surface of its potential.