Anti-Gravitatory Catoast [Comic]



Murphy’s Law, Finagle’s corollary:

“If something can go wrong, it will,

So if you throw a slice of toast with butter into the air, it will always fall with the buttered side down.”

Cats Conservation Law:

“A cat will always land on its feet.”

So, what would happen if we stick a slice of toast with butter to a cat’s back and we throw it to the air? The cat, by law, will land on its feet, but the toast, (by law too) will land on the butter’s side. Against this problem of physics laws, the nature chooses the best (and laziest, I think) way of taking a solution: the cat may just not fall.

[Source: SergeantBiscuits | Via IFLS]

6 Responses to Anti-Gravitatory Catoast [Comic]

  1. A clear failure to understand the laws of physics. The two laws mentioned only apply when the items land. If the toast is on the cats back and the cat lands on its feet the toast never lands, so the toast law doesn’t apply. Likewise if the toast lands the cat doesn’t so the cat law doesn’t apply.

    For this to work you must have the cat standing with its feet on the butter side of the toast. The butter side of the toast would be unable to land (as per the laws requirement) because the cat would be in the way. Only the un-buttered side of the toast could touch the ground, which is of course impossible. Likewise the cat couldn’t land on its feet because the toast is in the way. Only the cats back could touch the ground, which is of course impossible. The result is that no part of the cat/toast could land and it would remain forever floating above the ground.