Let’s Play a Game of Female Armor BINGO! [Pic]


Update: Bingo Cards removed at the request of the artist. If you want to see them, be sure to head over to her Deviantart profile right here to check ‘em out!

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that a game of Female Armor BINGO (Downloadable PDF) wouldn’t last very long while playing fighting games on most consoles, but the “rhetoric” version of the game might be a little more challenging:

[Source: Bikini Armor Battle Damage | OzzieScribbler on Deviantart.com (Downloadable PDF) | Via FG]

5 Responses to Let’s Play a Game of Female Armor BINGO! [Pic]

  1. Yeah I understand I’m going to get people to cross out some squares in the bottom one, but I don’t understand why everyone complains about it so much. Yeah it’s not realistic, but no one seems to complain about any other flaw in logic when it comes to gaming. It’s just for fun. Unless the developers boast about the game’s realism, I don’t really think it’s anything to get so offended about.

    • The main problem feminists have is that it is part of the broader culture that objectifies women. Having women in skimpy armor markets her as an object more than a viable BAMF warrior/mage/etc.

      • It’s more than just feminists complaining about it though, which I don’t understand. Most of these games have dragons and magic, etc and then they complain about the female armor because it’s unrealistic? The big huge bulky male armor that you can barely move in is unrealistic also, but no one seems to care. It’s just a game