The Double Standard of Cosplay [Comic]


Keep on, keepin’ on! Just be YOU! (Fellas, you too, even if that means 300 or Kratos cosplay.)

fat girls cosplay_double standard

[Source: Alexandra Dal]

16 Responses to The Double Standard of Cosplay [Comic]

    • You have to be pretty friggin fat before anyone will ridicule you. And if I had a dollar for every fat guy I ever saw criticizing a woman’s body shape, I could at least take myself out for a nice steak dinner.

  1. I beleive the point is that the fat guys are dissing the fat chicks cosplaying. “Hello, Pot, my name is Kettle.” And not that fat guys cosplaying don’t get riciduled, because really, unless you are “hot” by some flawed definition, you are ridiculed no matter what you do, or hohw you don’t meet the definition (which for the ladies can even be being too muscular, or too thin, or not endowed enough or too much).

    • Hello Pot my name is Kettle? Is the expression The pot introduces itself? No… Your entire statement fell apart right there. Thanks for playing though.

  2. I don’t see this very often. Most of the time it’s none cos players that make the comments on weight and characters people should and shouldn’t play. This cartoon gives cos-playing a bad name in general, I don’t like it, ever cos player I’ve met accepts the segregation from reality . And to be honest I’ve heard more bad comments about large men playing muscular/’fit’ characters, from both men and women.

    I do in part blame the media of cosplay events, which often focus on ‘hot’ girls that have either sexed up a character or gone for one with as little clothes as possible. (just to make it clear i’m in no way saying that these people shouldn’t do cosplay it’s for everyone). It’s not about the looks it’s about the getting involved, and a little bit of escapism

    In short i just don’t like this picture because it makes the entire cosplay culture look bad. Rant over.

    • Thanks for not listening to the scores of female cosplayers who have spoken up and said this happens to them. Remind me to never take your version of events seriously from here on out. If I even remember who you are.

      If you don’t want cosplay culture looking bad, don’t act bad. Simple. It is not the mirror that makes an ugly person ugly.