“Games & Gamers” Young Adult Book Series is Nonfiction Look at Gaming Industry


Lerner Publishing Group has released a 6-book nonfiction series about the video game industry entitled ShockZone™ Games & Gamers.

The series, written by video game and comic book writer Arie Kaplan (The New Kid from Planet Glorf graphic novel, Paranormal State and Law & Order: Legacies games), is fun, yet fact-filled, and discusses many aspects of the video game industry, including “how they work, how they developed, stars of the industry, its culture and competitions, online safety and gaming etiquette, and what it’s like to work in video games.”

Kaplan told Geeks Are Sexy why this series was particularly special.

Each of the GAMES & GAMERS books was a labor of love, but each volume covered a different aspect of the video game industry/gaming community. I felt it was very important to write The Crazy Careers Of Video Game Designers (one of the GAMES & GAMERS books) because there aren’t that many books out there for young readers that explain exactly what a game writer does, what a game designer does, what an animator does, what a combat designer does, etc. The Crazy Careers Of Video Game Designers answers all of those questions (and then some), and it explains what it’s like to work in the video game industry. But The Crazy Careers Of Video Game Designers was important for me to write for another reason: Aside from my work as a nonfiction author, TV writer, and comic book writer/graphic novelist, I’m also a video game writer (or as some people say, a “game writer” or a “screenwriter for video games”).

Each book is available here for a discounted $19.95 or you can buy the whole series for a discounted $119.70.

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