The WORST Song OF ALL TIME [Video]


This is even worse than Rebecca Black’s Black Friday. Don’t say I haven’t warned you.

I dare you to listen to it all. I DARE YOU!

Edit: Be sure to check out the video under the first one as well!

[IceJJfish | Via SourceFed]

24 Responses to The WORST Song OF ALL TIME [Video]

  1. You Kidding me?! that was WAY better than Friday! this guy blows Rebecca Black out of the water. with both passion and a better video that is even ok to watch on mute. I’m not being funny, it is actually much better.

  2. “It took me about 4 seconds to realize the guy was having a stroke…
    But then SHE came on-screen… and I understood why… DAY-UM!!”

    “I only saw the few seconds at around 2:45 – was there any more to it? Does it matter?”

    “…wait… there was a song there?”

  3. There’s no way this was supposed to be unintentional. It’s just too stupid to be real. Pretty sure it’s a faked vid.