Celebrating a Decade of World of Warcraft [Infographic]



Even though the total number of players dropped a bit in the past few years, the sheer number of people who still play the biggest MMORPG of all time is still enormous. And if we take into account everyone who played since day 1, that number goes up to 100 MILLION PLAYERS. Yep, 100,000,000: that’s equivalent to about twice the population of South Korea today, or the combined population of Germany, Belarus, and Sweden.

Already a decade of World of Warcraft, can you believe it?

So, geeks, who among you guys are still playing the game, and for how long have you been doing it? And for those of you who sailed away from Azeroth, why did you leave? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re reading this from the front page, I’ve included the infographic after the “read more” link below since the thing is a few pages long.


[Source: Blizzard]

6 Responses to Celebrating a Decade of World of Warcraft [Infographic]

  1. Old and stale…A World filled with keyboard a**holes that have no honor and no regard for the early years when lore and back story meant a lot. Guilds falling apart due to game design, E-Z mode no-challenge gameplay. Southpark had it pegged back when they made the episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft”. —Former Player with 15 lvl 90 Toons, before I said “Ah, f*ck it!”.

  2. I started playing shortly after BC I still have an active account but i cant convince myself to play. The game is to full of elitists and trolls. I was once a good priest healer but between drama in guilds and all most all other aspects of the game along with nerf bats flying carelessly threw the air every time you turn around i lost all interest to play.

    The one good thing that came out of WoW was 4 yrs ago i met my boyfriend moved halfway across the country now neither of us has the will to play but 3 1/2 yrs after my move we are still together and happy.

  3. You made it further than me mate. I hit fatal burn out about a few months into Cata, which kind of sucked since i was super geeked to get to play a Dwarven shamy and a Worgen druid, in the run up to it.

    I was a slightly more than casual back in vanilla, most of my raiding was UBRS, and occasional AQ20. BC was fairly decent as far as dungeons and raids went imho, but it lacked soul and had the unmistakable scent of ‘money-grab’ upon it. It was not long after they implemented the pvp arena system that i remember disccusing in guild chat about WoW’s future. “Game companies need to quit trying to build a “WoW killer”, and focus on building a game that is solid and grow & retain it’s fan base. WoW will kill WoW. They will milk it for every last cent and it will bleed out users like a person desperately clutching their carotid artery.”

    Wrath almost made me think i was wrong, but then it started unraveling towards the end. Cata brought me out of a 2ish month hiatus. They should have just had an option for people to skip leveling, and left alone lower level content. It went from being something fun like a short DnD dungeon run with friends to being a wham-bam-thank-you-mam ordeal with strangers.

    It twitches, but it is a corpse.

  4. Started playing a month after it came out and still at it. I shut off trade and general chat so I don’t have to get angry at morons. While I used to raid heroics I don’t have the time now and I’m happy with LFR and Flex. Still the best game to play with others and family members for me.

  5. I had three level 85s in Cata and was getting a little bored. The stats obsession was ruining raids for me- there should be more to it than raw dps. We can’t all be glass canons! Then the game got overrun by Kung Fu Pandas… I quit. There are more interesting and creative games out there, though none are perfect.