David Suzuki on Overpopulation [Science Video]


David Suzuki speaks about world populations and how growth, is ultimately going to be humanity’s downfall.

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  1. His model is sound based on solid mathematics, but there are a couple flaws with his mode, namely the fact that bacteria reproduce asexually, and thus one bacterium is able to divide and create two bacteria, whereas humans require two parents to produce one child, and thus the model is fundamentally flipped on its head. Now if the average couple has two children, then you have roughly what demographers refer to as the “replacement rate.” (Two parents have two children) With many countries at vastly below the replacement rate of fertility, Kapan and China both as notable examples, in the not too distant future there will be many more aged than young.

    Take these videos for example, and feel free to do more research.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1kFik1BZRo (“Japan’s Baby Drain”)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_VPKGewapI (“China’s Demographic Problem”)

    • Really sorry. I should have proofread my post before sending:

      “there are a couple of flaws with his model”

      “Japan and China both as notable examples”

  2. Nothing but more fear mongering to gather more money for environmental organizations. They have to keep renewing the fear with messages like this because time just isn’t demonstrating any truth to their claims.

  3. Funny how “experts” have been predicting the downfall of humanity by over population for thousands of years, yet there are more of us and we’re living longer than ever before.

    Suzuki is a hypocrite. He has 7 kids, owns 4 multi-million dollar properties and jets around the world in carbon spewing aircraft to preach to the rest of us about conservation. More do as I say not as I do eco-hypocrite like Al Gore and pretty much every hollywood celebrity that live lifes of unrestricted luxury and consumption.

  4. Its ironic that the person preaching here is obviously of Japanese origin, while Japan is one of the prime examples for overpopulation not being a major issue. He doesn’t put into account war, disease, the replenish-ability of the Earth. I especially like it when he states that every scientist he talked to agrees with him, which is either not true, or proof that he doesn’t talk to a lot of scientists other than those around him