When Eleven Became Twelve: How The Doctors Are Numbered [Pic]



Thanks, Tennant! You screwed everything up!

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  1. actually its 1st doctor- william hartnell, then 1st regeneration/2nd doctor-patrick troughton, then its 2nd regeneration/3rd doctor- jon pertwee, then its 3rd regeneration/4th doctor- tom baker, the its 4th regeneration/5th doctor- peter davidson, then its 5th regeneration/6th doctor Colin baker, then its 6th regeneration/7th doctor sylvester mccoy, then its 7th regeneration/8th doctor- paul mcgann, then its true 8th regeneration/9th doctor- war doctor (cause he was the doctor on the day it wasn’t possible to be), then the 9th regeneration/10th doctor was christopher eccleston , then 10th regeneration/11th doctor was david tennant, then 11th regeneration/12th doctor was tennant again (with a meta crisis doctor resulting ala donna noble), 12th doctor/13th regeneration was matt smith, and now: new regeneration cycle- 13th doctor/14th regeneration is peter capaldi….retreats to have a jelly baby now

    • But does it really count as a regeneration cycle when they reset him, like Smith is 13th regeneration and then reset and Capaldi is the 13th Doctor and regeneration number 0… or regen number 14 but the 1st Doctor?

      When Capaldi asked if anyone knew how to fly the Tardis makes me think they made a new life form but kept the same soul / moral fiber so yeah he forgets all his past stuff but given the same situations and choices he would still be the “Doctor”

  2. “Thanks Tennant” ?!?! What are you Matt “bad actor” Smith losers gonna do next, start insulting Tom Baker?

    Have you know shame…or taste?

    ;) :P

    • Actually, he was referring to the joke Smith made when he said it was “Tennant’s fault” (in ref to using a extra regeneration) with Tennant right next to him, during the hour long special before the Christmas episode… so…

  3. Their going to have to figure out a way to get past the regeneration limit the show originally conceived just like they did with the master so the show can go on as long as there are viewers wanting to watch Doctor Who. It wouldn’t bother me if they did because I love the show that much as do many of it’s fans.

    • Umm … they did get past the regeneration limit? That’s how we have Capaldi.

      I suspect you’ve either miscounted or not watched Day Of The Doctor and Time Of The Doctor yet.

  4. Well actually, if you look at it, it’s all “1,2,2-2,3,3-3,4,4″ until John Hurt, then it’s “9,10,9-10,11,10″. Technically, John hurt the order. (Pun=applause)

    • A throwaway line in one of the episodes put a limit on the number of times a Time Lord could regenerate. Most of the fandom thinks this is a hard and fast rule, but I don’t, because the Council offered the Master a whole new cycle once, implying that it wasn’t something inborn, but rather something that the Council could control.

  5. What happened to the nearly-full regeneration cycle River gave to [Matt Smith] with the poison incident? Surely it didn’t take an entire cycle’s worth of regen energy to fight that off, right?

    Am I the only one that remembers that?

  6. River didn’t get 13 generations because she’s not a true timelord, she’s a human who was conceived in the tardis and exposed to the timestream thus gaining the ability of regenerations. She explained when she gave her regen energy to Matt Smith that it’d be her last regeneration.