WELL, WHO KNEW? Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas in New Music Video

It’s not quite “Caturday” yet, but this music video by Purina Friskies will start your weekend off right.

Grumpy Cat appears in “Hard to be a Cat at Christmas,” along with four other internet cats: Nala Cat, Oskar the Blind Cat, Hamilton the Hipster Cat and Colonel Meow, a Guinness World Record holder for Longest Cat Hair.

With the aid of a catchy (downloadable!) track, the five cats “sing” about how rough it is to be served only dry food at Christmastime, when everyone else around you is eating yummy turkey and potatoes and opening presents that are not for you.

But even the cats know that gifts aren’t everything.

For every view on YouTube the music video gets — up to 500,000 views — Purina Friskies will donate one can of wet cat food to animal rescue organizations across the country.

With nearly 2 million views already, Friskies has already met that goal, making this Christmas a little less hard for shelter cats everywhere.

3 Responses to WELL, WHO KNEW? Grumpy Cat Hates Christmas in New Music Video

  1. I love cats, but hate the grumpy cat trend since I don’t get it. But admittedly I love this video because it has alot of popular meme cats. Although when I seen the cat food at the end I kinda figured it was done by friskies lol.