Ex-Men: Professor X Fires Cyclops [Video]

Even the leader of the X-Men gets fired. Soon, Professor X will be left all alone.

[Pete Holmes]

6 Responses to Ex-Men: Professor X Fires Cyclops [Video]

  1. Before it starts – its a joke. Yes, Cycolp has tons of powers, yes he is needed. But this is just a joke

  2. I’m honestly just waiting till someone says how useless Xavier can be as well. Like he mentioned for Wolverine, he can’t mind blast someone they fight with a lot(Magneto) and also can’t mind blast another ones of their strongest enemies (Juggernaut), he mostly stays out of battle since he’s in a wheel chair and really by the end of this series, he’d have pissed off the entire team.

  3. “Cycolp has tons of powers” If by tons you mean one, then yes he has lots.
    Rogue has tons of powers, because she took them all, but Cyclops only has the one, a concussion eye beam (it’s not even a laser, it’s kinetic force.)

    Of course this could be why he killed Xavier :D