Top 10 Cartoons of the 1980s [Video]


You’ve seen the top 10 cartoons on the 1990s, and now, let’s jump back to the 80s!

So, what do you guys think of the cartoon choices that were used in this list? Do you agree with them? Disagree? What other cartoons would you put in there? Let us know in the comments section below!

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25 Responses to Top 10 Cartoons of the 1980s [Video]

  1. Seriously? All those awesome shows, and countles not named, and you end with muppet babies?

        • What does a man card have to do with stuff we watched as kids? Absolutely nothing. Powers is right, it was quality programing, however I wouldnt have chosen it as #1.

        • It was quality programming if you were 5 then. Most of the list targets older kids. Ewoks are Muppet babies seem like oddities pitted against Transformers, G.I. Joe, He-Man and the likes. See what people call out further down? They call for Voltron and Thundercats (and I fully agree), I also thought of Grandizer which was also central to my 80s.

          Muppet babies is not an 80s cartoon; it is a cartoon that aired in the 80s, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who makes a difference between the two.

  2. How can you leave out Thundercats and Voltron. This list is booty for those very reasons.

  3. yeah Thundercats for sure, also Inhumanoids (had the coolest toys), Dungeons and dragons, gummi bears.

  4. How in the world did Ewoks or CareBears even get into the list at all over so many others like Voltron, Battle for the Planets, Starblazers (recently made into live action film), Force Five, D&D…….. Muppet Babies gets #1? Huh?!?!?!?!

    I was a classic kid of the 80s who came home from school and watched cartoons….I didnt even remember that Ewoks/Babies/Bears even existed. Heck, I would have picked the garbage of Silverhawks over any of those three, and that was a crummy cartoon on its best day.

  5. ok, I see G.I.Joe is third so I figure the last two to be Transformers and Thundercats. Then we see Transformers so I figured Thundercats got number one. Then I have to say to myself What in the HECK is this. Muppet Babies???? The people that made this list watched a bunch of cartoons on youtube and made the list. No way they sat around after school or on Saturday morning watching them. Thundercats, Transformers and G.I. Joe make the top of the list easily.

  6. No one even mentioned Robotech, which came out before Transformers. That show was the Nerd favorite, and caused a generation to love anime.

  7. The list should be:
    1. Macross (Robotech)
    2. The Real Ghostbusters
    3. Superman (1988)
    4. Ranma 1/2
    5. Gummi Bears
    6. Shirt Tales,
    7. Challenge of the Superfriends/Super Powers Team
    8. Inspector Gadget
    9. Thundercats
    10. Dungeons and Dragons