Hamburger Alley

One of our favorite Food-nerds in the country, Josh Ozersky, eats his way through what he calls ‘Hamburger Alley’ in NYC – consuming five different delicious looking burgers in probably about one hour. You can practically smell the heart-attack wafting through this video player! [The Hungry Channel]

Are You Hungry?

Here’s an interesting idea we haven’t seen before: take the travel channel and combine it with a food network. What does that recipe look like? How about a show that eats its way through neighborhoods across the country, getting to know the cities based on their food. Now that’s full of awesomesauce, if you ask […]

The Future is Near: Design Firm Ponders Floating Hotels

Now this is something frivolous, fantastic, and futuristic that I can really get behind. According to CNN, London-based design company, Seymourpowell, has proposed a project for floating hotels, called AirCruise. Essentially, the idea is to travel in the form of a futuristic airship/luxury hotel, designed to float from destination to destination rather than zoom at […]