Life Inside A Pokeball

See people. Pokemon do not have it that bad once they retire back into their pokeballs. It is just like a Tardis. Much bigger on the inside. (Via Imgur) Advertisements


Hey Retro Geeks! You Know Toonami is Back, Right?

I grew up with Toonami skits between my favorite cartoons as many of you did as well, right? But did you know Adult Swim brought Toonami back? NO? Well, they did and here are all the episodes so far (above.) Please note the likeness to the sandworms from Dune in episode 2 of the third […]

Toonami Returns on May 26, 2012

When you go to Adult Swim’s website, this little graphic pops up for a few seconds. Could it really be? I wouldn’t expect Cartoon Network to make any formal announcements. I suspect their viral strategy is to keep us waiting, and wanting, until next Saturday. What series would you like to see aired on Toonami?

#BringToonamiBack Rap, Richie Branson

Ever since Cartoon Network sprung a surprise airing of their Toonami anime block on April 1st, fans have been rallying around the hashtag “BringToonamiBack.” Check out this track from nerdcore rapper Richie Branson. Is all this going to grab the attention of Cartoon Network execs? Or was that April Fool’s joke just a test to […]