‘The Shining’ Atari Style Video Game

When it comes to movie licenses, the last movie you thought would ever get a game would be The Shining,¬†yet here we are, linking to a the Shining¬†game. Although I am using the word game quite loosely here. It is more an interpretation of ‘The Shining’ as told through two-bit graphics. Still. if you are […]

Adam Savage from ‘Mythbusters’ Recreated the Hedge Maze from ‘The Shining’

Say what you want about the Mythbusters guys, but they are nothing if not impressive. Lately, they have taken up some pop culture myths and have been working magic with them (the Simpsons episode being just one), but this time, Adam Savage does something mind-blowing (as if the stuff he normally does isn’t or something). […]