Etsy: The Summer Squid Report

I’ve written about octopuses in art before, but today I bring you their cousin, the squid. Squid typically have two tentacles and eight arms, which most people confuse. We often refer to all cephalopods as having tentacles, but that just isn’t the case. A tentacle is a long projection with suckers only on the end; […]


Five Geeky Things You Should Learn or Do This Summer

Summer is coming, and for many that means breaks, vacations, and general lulls in our lives (well, those of us without kids, and full-time jobs). Even if you don’t have a ton of free time this summer, I think there’s just something about the season that speaks to casual learning. The weather’s great, the trees […]

Five Geeky Plants To Grow This Spring

I’m willing to argue that gardening is one of the first geeky hobbies. I mean, before the advent of television and video games, botanists and hobbyists alike have been categorizing seeds and experimenting with the plant world for time out of mind. There’s just something really captivating about the combination of science and aesthetics—not to […]