Robot’s Encounter With Sperm Whale Will Leave You Speechless

What can you even say about this underwater encounter between a robot submarine and a massive sperm whale 1,962 feet below the surface waters off the coast of Louisiana? It is majestic, like watching a dinosaur from the past interact with a robot from the future. Surreal, and undeniably soothing. [Via Gizmodo] Advertisements


Second Trailer For Chappie Hints at Movie’s Inevitable Greatness

Chappie looks like it is setting up to be one of the best movies of 2015. With Neill Blomkamp directing, doing his sci-fi thing, and with the band Die Antwoord on board and Sigourney Weaver playing what looks to be the antagonist of this whole ordeal, there is nothing about it that DOESN’T look awesome. […]

Beer Pong Bot Will Own At All Your Parties

Empire Robotics have built a pretty impressive robot in the form of the Versaball. It is a simple robot arm that can do some really cool, simple things that would make your own life immeasurably easier (to help you change light bulbs and such). But apparently, while sitting around the lab figuring out other uses […]

Take it away, Robot-Arm DJ!

Designer and programmer Daito Manabe, gives us hope that our new robot overlords will still be able to throw down the beats.

Mix-N-Match Steampunk Robot Magnets

Adorn your refrigerator with these mix-n-match Steampunk Robot 3D Magnets set from the NeatoShop. Go ahead and mix ’em up to create your own steampunk robot/machines! [$14.95 per set @ NeatoShop]

Origami Robot [Video]

Thanks to MIT student Jie Qi, humanity is taking one step closer to welcoming our Origami Robot Overlords. Behold, self-folding paper using Flexinol wires: Think that’s pretty nifty? Check out the self-flapping crane: [Source | Via]

Robot Guilt?

The robot courses across the battlefield, swiveling on sleek steel legs, turning its bullet-shaped head toward its prey. Its eyes flash red, then blue: signal received. Before the ensuing sound boom and the inevitable end of hundreds of lives, it pauses a moment to reflect. Death is never easy, even with a heart of circuits. […]

Meet “Anton,” the Robotic Tongue

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, British scientists have come up with “Anton,” the animatronic tongue. This squirming creation was designed to help better understand how the human tongue works and thus improve speech recognition software. See for yourself: I feel it’s necessary to quote the following line from New Scientist Magazine: “The […]