I Present to You…TINY RAPTURE

The Reddit community tends to be very talented, and this tiny version of Rapture from Bioshock is no exception. A Rapture for ants, we knew it was inevitable. And yes, I stole the Zoolander joke from someone on the thread. Reddit it just good like that. Like a virtual version of Rapture, where we are […]


69 Years Ago Today Rapture Was Created…..

Ah, Rapture. The greatest utopia that ever wasn’t. Would you kindly hit like on this to give props to one of the greatest games ever made? (Imgur)

And The Best Game of August Is….. Not What You Think

Gamespot wants you to know what game they enjoyed most this month, and that they think YOU will enjoy the most, too. To be honest, the choice may surprise you in the same way a killer would if they jumped out and stabbed you in the neck. That was also a hint at the game […]

BioShock’s Rapture in LEGO

Lego Rapture from BioShock, from Brickworld 2011. You can see more over here.   [Via Moc Pages]