Man Makes Stunning LOTR Gimli Pipe

SVpipesdesign does just what its name implies. They carve, from wood, classic, stunning-looking, perfect pop culture pieces into pipes. Their work is amazing. But in this case, it was a recreation of Gimli from the Lord of the Rings trilogy that was the muse and subject, and my God, by the time he is done […]


Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War New Trailer (2017) (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

Shadows of Mordor is easily one of my favorite games of all-time and about as close as I have come to 100%ing a game, ever. I just thought the Nemesis system was genius, and the way each orc (Uruk-hai) had a unique personality and unique battle traits made for an amazingly engrossing game. Well, time […]

Snoke: Andy Serkis’ ‘Star Wars’ Character Name Revealed

His name is Snoke. His name is Snoke. His name is Snoke. Supreme Leader Snoke, to be exact. That is all we know about Andy Serkis’ new character from Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. That and the mo-cap pic we have above. But from LOTR to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to […]

RANT: When Geekery Goes Mainstream, Do We Lose?

By Natania Barron Contributing Writer, [GAS] There are hobbits at Denny’s. I’m supposed to be excited about this. I’m supposed to be frothing at the mouth, declaring victory for second breakfast and showing up in my own home-made hobbit feet, singing The Road Goes Ever On and On and snapping pictures on my iPhone every […]

Gimli Destroys the Ring [Video]

Well…That was easy.