BOTW: When Link Gets Ready for Loving

You know Link is all: Let’s do this! How anyone says no to Link’s advances is beyond me, as he is the coolest dude eve…I think maybe I should just stop typing now. *Backs out of room slowly Via

How to Get Link’s Hylian Shield in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Hylian shield in Breath of the Wild makes the game ten times more playable (as you do not need to flee from every other battle) but some gamers have had trouble locating its whereabouts on the massive new map that Breath of the Wild has. This video from IGN tells you exactly what you […]

6 Baffling Puzzles From the 90’s Some Gamers Still Haven’t Solved

There is nothing worse than flowing through a video game with laser like precision and then coming to a dead halt because of an insane puzzle you can’t get past. It ruins pacing, and sucks the fun out, plain and simple. Here are some devious puzzles from the 90’s some of us STILL haven’t solved. […]

Insanely Awesome ‘Majora’s Mask’ Cosplay

Found this on Imgur and was blown away. If anyone can find out who this is or get us more pics, we would be appreciative. Would love to give this guy/gal some credit! The hovering moon balloon is what takes this from great cosplay to pure perfection. Also reminds you how oddly scary that game […]

Pure Internet Gold: Link of the Hill

I don’t even need to use words to explain how amazing this is. If you don’t get, you should probably be reading Buzzfeed or something. (Imgur)

It Looks Like Link Finally Beat That Massive, Canine Boss Fight

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Well then, this one is worth two thousand, it is that awesome. Link took that thing out, no issue. [Via Imgur]

Coin Battle [Comic]

Every time Link from Zelda runs into something or gets hurt, coins pop out. Well, rupees technically. Regardless, I am glad one of his hanger-ons finally figured out a way to cash in on it. Link doesn’t seem thrilled, but I am sure there will be a nice payout for him. [By AwkwardZombie]