Explaining The Amazon Kindle to Charles Dickens

When Rachel Walsh, a second year illustration student at Cardiff School of Art & Design, was given the school assignment of explaining “something modern/internet based to someone who lived and died before 1900,” she geekily rose to the task. This what she made: a clever books-within-book papercraft to explain the Amazon Kindle to Charles Dickens! […]

How Low Can They Go? New Kindle Priced at $139

While the publishing industry, and indeed readers themselves, are still figuring out just exactly what to do with e-readers and e-books, Amazon’s certainly not flagging. Engadget, and about 200 other media outlets, reports that Amazon’s new Kindle—in WiFi only format, of course—is going to be a paltry $139, just in time for the new school […]

Thinking Smaller With E-Readers

Last week I wrote a short post about e-readers and their decided limitations during the summer months. A few of our readers suggested, in lieu of purchasing an e-reader, to go with something simpler. Like an iPod, cell phone, or other small device. Admittedly, that’s just what I’ve been doing. I have an iPod Touch […]