A Date with a Dragon Down the Carpal Tunnel

So you might have noticed that I’ve gone quiet the last couple of weeks. All signals have been cut, so to speak, since I’ve got the geeky equivalent of a mogul skier’s torn ACL: that is, carpal tunnel syndrome (or, perhaps, RSI). It blows. In every respect it sucks. It’s all-encompassing pain, and it’s a […]


iPod Nano with radio integration: too little too late?

I will confess, I haven’t thought about the radio much in the last few years. The only station I listen to in my car is an all-Classical station that doesn’t play commercials. When I’m not listening to WCPE, I’ve got my iPod Shuffle out and, most importantly, I have complete control over what I listen […]

MacWorld keynote leaked?

By Ilya Kochanov Contributing Writer, [GAS] Take this with a grain of salt folks, the things mentioned in this so-called “leaked” keynote are a bit too good to be true. Apparently, Steve’s notes began making their way around the interwebz after being posted on Wikipedia. The notes mention everything us geeks were hoping for this […]