Cell Phones…For Your Health?

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Some new mobile technology is aiming to turn your cell phone into a health machine. It’s a refreshing change from the fear-inducing reports circulating once again of the cell phone’s potential to cause cancer. A Pittsburgh cancer research doctor sent out a new warning last week asking his staff […]


Cell Phone Offers Pedestrian Protection

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] Your cell phone could soon protect you from getting hit by a car. Oki is showing off its new “Safety Mobile Phone” at a wireless expo in Japan this week. The phone will sound an alarm when it gets too close to a car that’s also equipped with a […]

SlyDial: Voice Communication, Without the Interaction

By JR Raphael Contributing Writer, [GAS] A new service can let you take the personal touch out of voice communication. SlyDial gives you the option to dial directly into anyone’s voicemail — whether they’re on the same cell phone provider as you or not. You can use it for free if you don’t mind listening […]