Another Dose of Hamill: These Photos Sum Up Why We Love The Internet (and Him) [Pics]

For a point of reference, yesterday we posted in depth about this great photo Mark Hamill took with his (potentially, in this writer’s personal opinion) on-screen, Star Wars daughter, played by Daisy Ridley (posted as a joke on her birthday). Today, the internet already made it into what you see above (and below.) Thank you, […]

It’s Not a Trap: Admiral Ackbar Makes It Into ‘The Force Awakens’

There is something awesome about seeing familiar faces in franchises we love. though Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars may be remembered as a somewhat minor character, his “It’s A Trap” line is almost as quoted as all the bad Yoda impressions Star Wars fans spit out. But it looks like the Admiral will be making […]