Like That Movie ‘Her’: New App Let’s You Create Your Own Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Want a girlfriend or boyfriend, but don’t want to put in the time or effort or actually have a living person in your life? We have an app for that! It is called Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend¬†and it does exactly what the name seems to imply. It creates a virtual partner for you to […]


‘Be My Eyes’ Is A New App Helping the Visually Impaired See

We have apps that can make us have funny voices or make us look like zombies. We have apps that hold our hands and lead us to our destination, or help us meet people who we may have lots in common with. All these things are fun and useful, but what about apps that are […]

The ‘Neon Boneyard’ In Vegas Will Blow Your Mind

The “neon boneyard” out in Vegas is pretty much exactly as awesome as it sounds. It is a place where all those dead neon signs you see lighting up every corner crawl off to when they die. It’s technically called the neon museum, but as you see these shots of walking among the corpses of […]

10 Futurama Jokes That Will Make You Smarter

Futurama is an incredibly well written show that throws joke after joke at its audience, well aware that some of those jokes will only be picked up on by their brightest and most scientifically inclined fans. But it’s also clear to see the creators of the show enjoy that. Slipping in jokes that may fly […]

We Welcome our Remote-Controlled Cyborg Insect Overlords

Remote controlled bugs buzz off, followed by a picture that looked straight out of a cyberpunk novel, a beetle with a remarkable bit of tech strapped to its head. Well, it turns out that the future (for those of us who’ve ever imagined a future in which people can control cyborg beetles by using a […]