Science Uncovers What Cleopatra and Neanderthals Had in Common

Courtesy of BBC news this morning, two particularly interesting stories that mix science, history, and… cosmetics. First up, let’s talk about eyeliner. Yes, eyeliner. There may be no look as timeless and as oft-copied as the Cleopatra eye, made famous in Egyptian art, culture, and mythology. And while it’s certainly aesthetically pleasing (I’m a personal […]

New Research Indicates the Pyramids Weren’t Built the Way You Were Taught

Like many young geeks, when I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist–and a paleontologist–when I grew up. Nothing sounded so exciting as discovering ancient cities, unearthing forgotten cultures, and also, if I had the time, naming a dinosaur after myself. Well, I eventually found other career paths, but I still love history […]

We Welcome our Remote-Controlled Cyborg Insect Overlords

Remote controlled bugs buzz off, followed by a picture that looked straight out of a cyberpunk novel, a beetle with a remarkable bit of tech strapped to its head. Well, it turns out that the future (for those of us who’ve ever imagined a future in which people can control cyborg beetles by using a […]

The Moon in the News: Surgery, Water, and Colonization

A map of the moon from 1647 By Natania Barron Contributing Writer, [GAS] We have ever been fascinated by the moon, hanging there, silvery in the sky, so mysterious and changing. I’ve often wondered what people really thought when they saw the moon up there, before telescopes and science, and how truly amazing it must […]