5 Things That Will Make ‘Just Cause 3’ AWESOME

Just Cause 3 is set to be one of the most action-packed and insane games to hit the next generation of consoles yet. From the endless mayhem you can cause, to the hundreds of missions, this is one game that will keep fans of sandbox gaming busy for months. So while you may already be […]


That Damn Door from ‘Bloodborne’

So as many gamers know, Bloodborne is a magnificent, challenging, atmospheric game that has most people who play it chomping at the bit to get deeper and unlock all of its glorious secrets. And boy, does it have secrets (like the fabled beast mode, which we have hinted at here before). But on thing seems […]

How To Share Your Games on the PS4

After Sony’s mind blowing press conference at E3 and the announcement of the PS4, they released a step-by-step instructional video on how players can share games. Check it out! Pre-order your PS4 on Amazon.com right here! [Playstation]

Developers Represent: EA and Ubisoft E3 Highlights

Now that things have settled down, and the fallout between Microsoft and Sony’s press conferences are sifting to a murky haze – let’s take a look at some other announcements from two of the industries leading developers. Ubisoft and Electronic Arts hosted their events on Monday and treated fans to an array of new titles, […]

Sony Drops the Mic with PS4 Announcement

Highlights from the Sony / PS4 press conference: – Sony won. I could end it at that, but let’s take a serious look at what the PS4 has to offer. $399 US price point, $100 less than the Xbox One. Holiday 2013 launch date. Support of pre-owned games (PS4). Indie developers have the ability to […]