Ralf Brueck’s Distorted Photos Reflect Back an Alien Suburbia

What artist/photographer Ralf Brueck wants to ultimately do is show us the life we live and witness everyday, but skew it just slightly so it can make us look twice at the world we think we understand around us. His work evokes thoughts of otherworldly visitors and tears between dimensions, living right next to us […]


Banned From Facebook: Adam Jay’s Tantilizing Venom Photos

When Superhero Photographer Adam Jay posted his photo set of a woman breaking out of a liquid latex Venom suit, it went viral. With nearly a thousand shares around facebook, the photos were going to get a lot of attention, but no one expected it to be the negative kind. Whenever one of the photos […]

Old Daguerreotypes Shed New Light on Life in 19th Century America

Typically my article ideas come from, you know, the Internet. But this morning I was reading a fascinating piece in the current issue of Wired that was so astonishing and so cool, I just had to share it with the Geeks Are Sexy crew. Thankfully Wired presents much of their magazine content online, and in […]