‘Peanuts’ Tie-In Movie Game Looks Fun!

With the news of the new Peanuts movie comes the follow-up news of a tie-in video game. When I first heard it, I was pretty shocked. I will admit, I never thought I would get a Peanuts game where I would be playing as Charlie Brown or Snoopy. But in all honestly, this game looks […]


“Peanuts” Movie To Use Old Cartoon Panels As Thought Balloons!

For anyone scared that the new Peanuts movie might just be straying a little too far from the simplicity that made the original work so well, you can put those fears to bed. As seen in the pic above posted at ToplessRobot and in the new trailer below, they have figured out a genius way […]

The Peanut Matrix

It’s the famous lobby scene from The Matrix, reshot using stop-motion with food!