LEGO Jurassic World-VIP Tour Trailer

What looks better than Jurassic World this summer? Well, honestly, at this point, this Jurassic World LEGO game. Take this tour though this toy version of the park and try to tell me otherwise. If there is one thing this world needs, it is more day-glow dinosaurs toys that attack other day-glow dinosaurs. (Via Gamespot]

Lego Builder Martin Raynsford Builds Flamethrower Guy From ‘Fury Road’

So I get an email last week from a guy named Martin Raynsford. Seems he saw my post about the flamethrower guy from Fury Road. That very post ended with me saying: someone please make an action figure of this, ┬ástat! While Martin may not have had the means to do that, he came pretty […]

Why Did ‘Lego Movie’ Get Snubbed By Awards Season?

It could be said that in many ways, The Lego Movie was the most powerful animated movie of 2014. It showed us animation in a medium we have never seen before, was smile inducing, and had a cast that would rival any major motion picture. So why the recent Oscar snub when they were so […]