SensorWake: Help Fund An Alarm Clock That Wakes You With Scents

Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up to the beautiful scent of a warm croissant every day instead of a buzzing alarm clock? Well, good news. Soon (hopefully) you can.  SensorWake, which is on Kickstarter right now, is the alarm clock we have all been dreaming about. It uses the waft […]

Harry Potter Prequel Fan Film, “The Gathering Storm,” Seeks Kickstarter Support

With one more week to go in its Kickstarter funding round, the production team for The Gathering Storm is putting out the call to the fan community to help them cross the finish line so that they can commence production on a full length feature film. The story will focus on the Marauder’s (Moony, Wormtail, […]

The ultimate geek collectable card game: “Triptych! Anything vs. Everything”

When we say “ultimate,” we mean it in the way that it’s a card game where it’s not a singular theme of fantasy or science fiction or anime, but rather as the name suggests, it’s a mix of anything and everything. This is the game where all the favorite schoolyard debates can be played out […]

Star Trek: Axanar’s Kickstarter hits goal in 14 hours

Star Trek: Axanar’s Kickstarter launched Saturday to raise funds for the planned short film, Prelude to Axanar. They had set the goal at a conservative $10,000. Given that it was a 30-day fundraiser, they expected that they would likely meet their needed numbers during the month. Little did they know that it would be reached […]