5 Times Games Got Space Really, Really Right

You may see outer space an awful lot in science fiction games, but how often do you see it represented accurately? Outside Xbox threw together this cool list to show us the few examples of video games actually representing outer space realistically, based on science and what we already know. [Image via Woondu, story via […]

10 Awesome Tabletop, Card, and Board Games for Geeks

When people think geeks and gaming, they often associate the name with video games. But what a great many onlookers don’t realize is that many board games also have factored into our utter geek fandom. In other words, when not controlling pixels or polygons, these games are the next place you were likely to find […]

‘Absolutely Rose Street’, A 1994 Infomercial for the Sega 32X Add-On for the Sega Genesis Video Game Console

Infomercials from the 90’s were really odd. A commercial that bought up enough screen time that it is essentially disguised as a one-off show used to shill that product. The following ‘Absolute Rose Street’ was there to help push the Sega 32X peripheral to Genesis owners is just that. Weird. But also very nostalgic in […]

Five Things I Didn’t Know About Making Video Games (Until I Made One)

Anthony Burch thought he has some solid ideas about what it took to make a video game. Some imagination, a good team, and some passion. He slowly learned that, while actually developing a video game, that could not be further from the truth. He wrote about his experience for Kotaku and what he says will […]

7 Times Tekken Weirdo Heihachi Was Just the Weirdest

Tekken was a colorful and wacky fight game. Between fighting bouts with Bruce Lee’s look-a-likes you would sometimes have to fight a tree or a panda bear. For real. But of all the characters who SHOULD’VE been weird, Heihachi was definitely one of the weirdest. Seriously, though, any guy who ties family members he is […]